TIERisch gut

Opening hours

01.-03. December 2017 each day 10:00 a.m till 18:00 p.m

Entrance fees

Ticket type Prices
Day ticket 10,00
Reduced day ticket
Children  to 15 years free


Prices including the Aqua- Terra- Symposium


Prices for Shrimp Championship entries:

For each set of shrimp, an entry fee of 12,-is charged,
given that, after the contest, you enter your shrimp in the auction for the benefit of the Shrimp Championship.The proceed will be split, 50% for the championship and 50% will go to the participant.

For each set of shrimp, an entry fee of 20,-is charged if you prefer totake backyour shrimp after the contest.
For each set of shrimp, an entry fee of 20,-plus an additional nonrecurring fee of10are charged, if you want to have your shrimp sent back to you after the contest..


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