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Our motto " From hobbyists for hobbyists " is not just a slogan, but philosophy . With us you find : Aquascaping accessories such as glassware , plants tools , hardscape , Soils : We set out to make Aquascaping affordable for all . The big brands can be their name to pay , but there are also top quality affordable prices , for example, of our favorite brand ViV we distribute for Germany . But of course you will also find the products of the other major suppliers in this area . If hardscape we offer our own line OrinocoDeco which is characterized besides particularly beautiful design by testing for biological safety . Aquatic plant fertilizers from our own series OrinocoGrow and "high end" fertilizer branded Seachem , and hunting technique - needs from the heater through the filter and the appropriate lighting everything the Scaper or " normal aquarium " so you can find in our shop


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JBL exclusively sells its products through specialty stores and online.The products are developed according to the guiding principle that application of the products must be as simple as possible so that keepers of aquariums, terrariums and ponds find their hobby becoming simpler rather than more complicated. The slogan,"Ahead through research", is no accident: A large share of the budget is invested in research. The company has its own research centre in Neuhofen with a team of biologists who develop and compare new JBL products and subject them to the acid test in addition to doing fundamental research. A large collection of aquariums, terrariums and ponds is available for tests. General Manager Roland Böhme generally prefers to employ persons who like to keep aquariums, terrariums or garden ponds in their free time.


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WITH US IS THERE MORE FOR ANIMAL! Our employees are equally passionate and enthusiastic pet owners like you.
With us, next to an honest, sound advice and a range in which we take different products constantly under the microscope and strive to always offer an interesting variety for you and your animal favorites. With us you get everything your pet needs for a long, happy and healthy life needs - always in good quality and at reasonable prices. Whether dog, cat, bird, small animal, fish or reptile. But also for wild birds, we have a lot Releases - stopping by worthwhile!
We make our shop systems we of responsibility and respect towards animals generous and animal friendly, make them feel at ease until they are released into the loving hands of our customers. We also help animals in need to find a beautiful and especially animal loving home and support numerous local animal shelters and organizations. This is why we also cooperate closely with the shelter hero. For humans and animals are happy together! On our website you find course everything around Kölle Zoo in your area - opening times, contact details and events. At many sites, our Kölle Zoo are a "house of Animals", in which carefully care affiliated veterinary clinics and dog salons around your pet.
In addition to the expert advice in our specialist markets we want to give on our website useful tips, information and interesting facts about your favorite animal on the way. Enjoy browsing! We inspire the world for the love of animals. Day after day. Promised!


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Aquaristik, Terraristik, garden pond - since 1970 sera is one of the world's leading specialists in these segments. The company is a for a natural water world with quality "Made in Germany". Tradition and innovation secure this success.

The family is a global instance, when it comes to products for aquariums, ponds and terrariums. In addition to the company headquarters in Heinsberg, sera has eight international offices in the US, France, Italy, Japan, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Portugal and China, and an export share of approximately 60 percent. Decades of experience, highly qualified staff, innovative research and production methods and meticulous checks afford the high quality standards, for the sera is known.
The company employs approximately 170 employees at the 16,000 square meter site in Heinsberg. It develops, manufactures and supplies from there an almost complete complete program with coordinated products for fresh and salt water aquariums, terrariums and garden pond.


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Planet-Plants - is a wholesaler specializing in aquatic plants only, and always eager to choose the right producers that give their customers the highest quality and the best price for their product range of plants for aquaria and ponds. Planet-Plants carries all the classic aquarium plants in bunches, rings or pots, and also rare plants as well as new trends.


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10 AquaTomKrefeld Aqua Tom Krefeld Competently competent and reliable! My goal - to keep animals close to nature, breed and nourish the species. I advise, plan, design and cultivate your dream of the perfect aquarium. Custom-made aquariums from 10 liters to XXL aquariums. Technical solutions for your aquarium. Furnishings with natural materials such as wood and stones. Complete solutions from basin to finished design. Individual cabinets, matching their furnishings. Care after completing her trauma quarry. Due to many years of experience and close customer contact, I know what is important and have set myself the goal of satisfying every customer requirement to the fullest satisfaction. I take the time that is necessary for you and your wishes. Show you the possibilities in the supply and keeping of your animals and I am there for the sales as a contact for you there..


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Garnelen-Guemmer has been keeping and breeding dwarf shrimp and dwarf crayfish for years, offering them for sale in their favorably-priced online shop. You can buy your dwarf shrimp and crayfish comfortably from your own home, and Garnelen-Guemmer ships the invertebrates you've ordered to your home from their Berlin headquarters. Besides live inverts, Garnelen-Guemmer has many different products like shrimp food, e.g. by Shirakura, or Breeders Choice, or well-priced brown or black aquarium sand (Guemmer Sand), which is characterized by its fine grain and its beautifully intense black or brown color. Many shrimp keepers are satisfied customers due to the high quality of the shrimp Garnelen-Guemmer offers, of the shrimp food and all their other aquatic products. The excellent service Garnelen-Guemmer offers (free of charge, of course) speaks for itself. Many returning customers, who keep ordering products like shrimp food, aquarium sand and shrimp or crayfish, are the living proof for a quality that's just right, be it shrimp or aquatic products. If you're planning to buy your shrimp online, this is the shop for you.


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Dennerle - Nature is full of wonders. It demonstrates the laws of biological balance. It evolves astounding solutions to complicated problems. Dennerle follows nature's model here. It was his love of aquaria, his interest in a profession which was little-known at the time that prompted Ludwig Dennerle to embark on his research into aquatic plants over forty years ago. And this initial spark still fires our enthusiasm to entice others into the wonderful world of aquaria and garden ponds to the rallying cry of our motto: Experience nature! Ultimately. Aquatic plants are at the root of all the company’s efforts. These are the most sensitive element of any aquatic habitat. They serve as an indicator of water quality, provide the essential basis for healthy fish and are the key to effectively functioning aquatic environments. An insight into the secrets of aquatic plants is key to understanding the world of water 


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Das Garnelenhaus - Your passion are shrimp, nano-aquariums or aquascaping?

In the Shrimp House Onlineshop, we offer a wide range of aquarium products from many large and small manufacturers to buy. Whether you're an avid Aquascaper looking for glassware, aquatic plants or CO2 technology, as a shrimp enthusiast looking for a new nano bee, for shrimp feed or the right minerals, or in general a spare part, a new filter or perhaps a few pretty snails need. Relaxed and safe shopping ... delivered quickly and cheaply!

With the products of our own brands SaltyShrimp and GlasGarten, we offer a perfect and simple water treatment according to the respective needs, especially for the keeping and care of dwarf shrimp, as well as a varied feed series with everything that shrimp need for vitality and color splendor. Perfect for the aquascaping and the maintenance and maintenance of dwarf shrimp is our soil foundation Environment - Aquarium Soil, which is based on our experience and according to our specifications can be produced exclusively for us directly in Japan. Learn more about our great products!



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Xillia Art - Tamara Stamm - A young artist who inspires with her pictures.

Currently, Tami enchants the shrimp scene with her artworks. Brush strokes for brush strokes create new and life-like paintings from their trained hands.

On her Facebook page, she regularly shows live streams, in which the production of the pictures can be followed.

Interessante Links:

Xillia Art on Facebook
Xillia Art on Instagram

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Peters-Laden - Cologne Shrimp food - We are in Cologne resident and have been working for more than 6 years with the production of natural and natural feed for invertebrate animal breeding.
Today a more than wide range has become from the first modest beginnings. We are constantly improving our product range further and new developments are for us always an incentive. We would also like to point at this point on our new manufacturing process!

This allows us to carry out the production with no heat. We are thereby produce an even higher quality and better quality shrimp feed capable. Our focus areas will include top quality raw material, is to improve our process technology and on, so that all the vitamins and ingredients are preserved in their origin effect and quality. The nature can still best! ... But you do get it done well.


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Peters-Laden - CSF EXCLUSIVE Series: Pure Mineral



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TIMA- Shrimp Store - Starting six years ago with a small aquarium for green dwarf shrimp (Babaultis var green ) I soon discovered my passion for small shrimp . From an aquarium soon became more and the number of my aquarium inhabitants grew .
Currently my shrimp live in nine aquariums in the living room - more aquariums are outsourced .

Philosophy - Our Shrimp Store is only products of which we ourselves are absolutely convinced and have been used successfully in our own pool . Each product batch is only extensively tested by us before they come on sale. We ensure high quality for the benefit of small aquarium inhabitants .


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JAC - Your filter foam and air lift specialist!  

HMF-Technology without intermediate trade - directly from the manufacturer


- Airlifter in special heights!

- Foam plates to special dimensions!

- Production of individual filter cartridges!

- Exclusive processing of German quality foam!


Jonny´s Air Concept

Jonny´s Air Concept Shop

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We offer you a comprehensive range of aquaristics and terraristics.

Our main concern here is the awareness to keep animals and to care for animals, not to sell them easily.
For this purpose a detailed and honest consultation is necessary,
Which is always our priority!


Aqua Terra Point

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daytimedaytime We create inexpensive LED lighting systems with the highest value in use.

In doing so, theoretical knowledge and practical experience are implemented as consistently as possible, which meet the ideal of natural light for flora and fauna.

Only the best for your plants and fish!

This is and will remain our goal.

Your daytime® team

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It is Takashi Amano who established Nature Aquarium based on his own view of nature and aquarium philosophy. Aqua Design Amano Nature Aquarium Goods were born from Amano’s necessity of producing Nature Aquarium layouts. Moreover, he has been proving and improving their performance and usability by himself, creating numerous Nature Aquariums. As a result, Nature Aquarium Goods have gained the quality and originality, which are special and unique only to Aqua Design Amano. This is why you feel “ADA” in each and every piece of Nature Aquarium Goods.

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The Rodday Wound Schools GmbH also offers individual modules for personnel development in your company in addition to seminars on the wound expert ICW and training on the topic of wound care.

You want to do something good for yourself?
Please contact us. Our group offers are also flexible for individuals.

Why choose us?

  • We have the necessary experience
  • We use state-of-the-art training facilities
  • We are reliable, punctual and fair
  • We tailor the training contents individually to the personal needs and abilities and much more

We are looking forward to meeting you soon at one of our courses.
Your team at the Rodday Wundschule



Rodday Wound Schools GmbH


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Welcome to Aquaristikwelt24! Here you will find everything that makes the aquarist's heart beat faster. You are looking for a suitable aquarium for your home, or would like to upgrade an already existing with a naturally beautiful mangrove root? Or would you rather enjoy a splashing garden pond?

Our online shop offers you everything you need for your hobby and that at sensational conditions! Aquaristikwelt24 is convinced that fair prices and good products are not mutually exclusive. Take a look in our shop and see for yourself!




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